Tinie Tempah


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Tinie Tempah


Party @ The Proact


Headline act at Multi-act concert


Chesterfield Football Club

What we did:

This summer saw Tinie Tempah headline the festival stage at The Proact Stadium, Chesterfield on 8th June. As part of our agreement with the artist, Tinie Tempah's team hosted the event information including an image of Chesterfield Football Club on the home page of his own website for over a week which was a tremendous endorsement for the show. Along with, devising an effective social media strategy promoting the event to his growing online following. On the day all of the artists and teams needs were met backstage and on stage ensuring their experience was fun and enjoyable for him. Tinie's Tour manager said: "The Chesterfield date was fun. It was in the middle of the gumball rallys and Ibiza gigs, whilst Chesterfield may not be the first place you think of for a summer of fun, we had a ball at Chesterfield Football Club due to the LHG team being on it and making our day as easy as possible". LHG has the understanding and ability to negotiate contracts with the artist to help benefit your event. We pride ourselves that each artist is looked after individually through care and attention to make your event successful.

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