Ticketing – A Guide to Buying a Ticket From Reputable Ticket Agents​


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Ticketing – A Guide to Buying a Ticket From Reputable Ticket Agents​

Buying a ticket for a show is often confusing. With a variety of different ticket agents, all offering tickets to the same shows, it can be somewhat overwhelming knowing which ticket agent to purchase from and who is selling legitimate tickets to the events you want to see.

Add into this the ticket re-sale sites, and it all starts to become a lot more difficult than it should be!

So – we have put a guide together with a few pointers to help you along the way.

There are three ways to purchase a ticket for one of our events:

- Online – via an approved ticket agent

- In person – at the venue box office

- Over the phone – via an approved ticket agent or the venue box office

Liz Hobbs Group and LHG Live use a variety of different ticket agencies who sell tickets on our behalf for our events. Each agent will be given an allocation of tickets to sell. Some will be given more than others and so some agents may sell out their allocation when other agents will still have tickets available.

If you unsure about which agents are official, check out the official artwork/advert for the show, or ticket links posted on the official artist, venue and promoter website. These will always display the preferred agent used to sell tickets to the show.

Our Official Ticketing Partners


Eventbrite (via LHGtickets.com)





Ticket Factory


Venue – The venue the event is taking place at is likely to sell tickets for the event, and will have its own ticket system set us to sell, accessible on the venue website

*Amazon tickets ceased trading in February 2018, however all tickets purchased prior to this remain valid

On occasions, you may see tickets listed on affiliate websites such as Stereoboard, ENTS24 and Songkick for example. These are powered by one of the ticket agents listed above who will facilitate the sale.

Additional Fees

When purchasing your ticket you will pay a face value for the ticket, plus a booking fee, or administration fee. You may also be charged a postage fee which can vary depending on the type of delivery. Booking fees are often charged per ticket, postage fees per transaction/order.

Ticket Re-sale sites

It’s likely that when looking to purchase a ticket for an event you will see tickets advertised on one of the Ticket Re-sale sites. These sites offer tickets for sale, bought from licensed sellers and the sold for a price determined by the individual or company in possession of the tickets – often at a vastly inflated price than the face value of the ticket. This is a form of ticket touting. The Event Organiser has no control over the sale of these tickets which may have been stolen or counterfeit, or in some instances the ticket never existed in the first place.

Ticket Re-sale sites spent a lot of money on advertising their tickets on internet search engines – Google, Yahoo and Bing etc and therefore its often the case that they are top of the search results when looking for your event tickets.











STAR is the Society of Ticket Agents and Retailers is the self-regulatory body for the entertainment ticketing industry in the United Kingdom. STAR offers general advice and information on ticket buying and provides an approved dispute resolution service for customers who have an unresolved problem with their purchase from a STAR member.

STAR offer consumer advice on how to purchase to make sure your ticket buying experience should be safe and straightforward.

For more help and advice visit the STAR website here - https://www.star.org.uk/ticket-buying-advice/